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My name is Danny Ray and I have been selling over the phone for 27 years. What I will be exposing you to in this masterclass is almost 3 decades of telesales success that I have had. In fact, I will be showing you exactly how I conduct my business day in and out and how I can write business at will. These principals and my routine enabled me to have personal records of 21 applications in a day, 63 in a week, and 156 in a month, all personal records.

THIS IS THE KNOWLEDGE I am going to show you.. SO YOU can write 6-7 figures!!

Why Should You Sign Up?

The main reason Agents sign up for this Masterclass is they want to be able to write business the right way. What this Masterclass will teach you is how simple it is to write business in volume. With the combinations of Enthusiasm, being sharp, passionately care and relate with your client, you will inch closer and closer to having the perfect telesales consistently. This will bring you to a mid-6 figure level!!

The LTM Masterclass is one of a kind...

To be able to be given the tools from one of the top life telesales agents in the country that has written close to 10000 policies all over the phone is priceless. Now I will show you exactly how to do it. Most of my telesales are made in under 15 minutes!! You will learn why 90% OF ALL AGENTS just get it all wrong!!

Masterclass Benefits

The LTM Masterclass will give you the tools such as:

  • Mindset

  • Structure

  • How to properly use multiple scripts depending of the lead you are calling

  • Simplifying the sales process

  • The key to relating, fact finding, and building solid natural rapport in under 10 minutes

  • How to generate your own leads via SEO

  • This will enable you to CRUSH your ROI, be independent and lots more!

  • How to sell Medicare over the phone (Complete Guide)

  • And lots more!

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Meet Your Telesales Mentor and LTM Founder

Top-Class Telesales Producer

Daniel Ray

Hi, my name is Danny Ray, founder of LifeTelesalesMentor.com. I was taught directly by Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wall Street) as a cold caller at Stratton Oakmont in my early years and have implemented the “straight line selling” into my life insurance telesales process. The main focus of this Masterclass is to assist the telesales life insurance agent to get to the next level. In fact, if you are new to telesales or if you are a veteran that just hasn’t pierced the next level of success, this mentorship will give you the tools to get there!
I have been in telesales for over 27 years. I have always been a top producer in anything I have sold over the phone. For instance, I have sold stocks, currency, gold, coins, mortgages, debt consolidation, loan modifications, and the last 8 years life insurance over the phone. Above all, I have always used the same concepts, the same structure, the same tricks of the trade to be successful, and be a top producer. These tools that you will be taught allowed me to have personal records of 21 applications in a day, 63 in a week, and 156 in a month!! Yes, this will be the same tools you will be handed to you to get you to the next level. Again, I know that your wants and needs will be different depending on where you are in your career, so I have tailored made this program at different levels for your specific needs.

What Agents Are Saying About This Masterclass

Everything I needed to get on track and more!

The info and techniques taught are spot on from in the trenches. This is presented by someone who walks the walk. I have used information in this class to cement a strong base and grow from there. the most responsive instructor I have ever had is D Ray. I have had IMMEDIATE positive results from what Danny teaches and his suggestions. My ROI on the class is already more than 6 times the spend in the 2 weeks I have been in the class.

Best Course for Selling Life Insurance

To be honest this is the best money I've ever spent on a skills course. I allocate money to buy 1-2 courses a year to stay ahead of the curve as an independent insurance agent. Danny takes you from the 30k ft view of how keep your mind right, all the way down to the specific details of the exact wording in a script, text message sequences and voicemails. Everything in this course is gold. I literally turned a profit on my first phone call when I saved a $2,600 sale with Danny's objection handling techniques. It's also important to know that Danny is currently one of the top insurance producers in the country. The knowledge he shares is relevant to TODAY'S environment. He is not some dude telling war stories about how he was dominant back in the '90s. I can not stress enough how important it is to get information from leaders at the top of their game right now.

Everything you need to succeed

Danny has put together the ultimate class and guide to selling insurance over the phone. The best part is that this is not theory, it is coming strait from one of the top producers in the business!


I can’t get over the extensive amount of information in this course. I will be going back through this for days to come trying to replicate Danny's process. Well worth every penny. Can’t wait for more to come! Thanks again Danny Ray.

Direct and Honest

ZERO sugar coating here. Be prepared for some hard truths on your Mindset. #InputDeterminesOutput

Great Content

Excellent resource for Individuals wanting to learn FE Telesales Business Independence and sales mastery

Well Worth the Investment!

Whether you are new to the telesales life insurance business or a seasoned veteran, Danny Ray's Life Telesales Mentor Class is well worth the investment! He unlocks many of the secrets that have made him one of the top producers in the country. Make the investment and decide for yourself.

Hands down the best content out there.

Danny Ray provides so much great content and explains it perfectly. This has helped my transition from face-to-face to virtual so much. I could not thank him enough.

Call schedule for a new lead.

Fantastic content and the style of delivery. Danny mentions 15-25 leads daily, 100+ calls, + 3 hours of phone time is enough activity to be successful. Question's 1. Is that 3 hours daily 5 days per week? 2. How much weekly premium is considered to be a successful agent based on 15-25 leads daily and 3 hours call time daily?

What Others Are Saying

Gio Flamminio

Danny has been open and honest with me since I started working with him last month. His ability to combine motivational methods along with decades of experience in telesales separates him from other avenues of training I’ve taken part in. My sales have grown weekly under Danny’s influence and guidance and I’m excited for what’s next!

Thomas D. Pardue

I’ve been one of the Top Producers in the nation in the health insurance industry for the last 26 years. When I decided to leave that crumbling part of the insurance industry and transition to final expense I searched for the #1 Producer in that industry and the name Danny Ray kept coming up. I reached out to him and he graciously agreed to mentor me. After only a few training calls with him I wrote $7600 in premium in my first week and haven’t looked back. I highly encourage anyone who is new or even a seasoned pro to hire Danny Ray as your coach. The guy has a huge heart and a passion for helping agents. The numbers don’t lie-you won’t be sorry!

Ryan Mattingly

Danny is an incredible coach and mentor. Danny listened to one of my first calls that I ever did and pointed out everything that I did wrong. He even gave specific recommendations on what to say in each situation. After listening to Danny’s training, I went back on the phones and sold the FIRST client I spoke too. Danny gets my highest recommendation and any agent would be lucky to work with him.

S. Tyler Lewis

My first year in the business my net production was $65k in AP with about 80% persistency. During my first 4 months working with Danny Ray I wrote just over $73k in AP with over 90% persistency. Danny has taught me how to present life insurance as a solution to my client's problems rather than a product, establish rapport by positioning myself as an expert rather than making small talk, and solidify the sale by making sure the client is 100% sold on me, my company, and the product itself. To say working with Danny Ray has been a game-changer for my business would be an understatement.